Thanks to its experience in naval magnetism field coming from some 180 degaussing systems designed, manufactured and installed, IFEN is today capable of undertaking full responsibility for the supply of magnetic compensation systems meeting Customer's requirements and specific magnetic protection levels for combatant and auxiliary steel hulled vessels (DGM5 systems) and MCM / low signature vessels (DGM4 systems).

Developed in the 90's the DGM4 which has been installed on the Gaeta Class of the Italian Navy, the Oksoy and Alta Classes of the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Osprey and Pelican Classes of the US Navy, was the first equipment worldwide providing as automatic backup of the mast mounted magnetometer control the computerized NAVDATA control based on Geomagnetic Field Maps.

DGM4-L Degaussing Unit (DU)

That and all the other DGM4 outstanding features like modularity, redundancy, accuracy, reliability and maintainability have been transferred to the new degaussing equipment for MCMV: the DGM4-L. Consisting of a Degaussing Unit (having the size of a standard rack) and a Bridge Control Drawer, the DGM4-L concentrates all the characteristics of the DGM4, even adding new features such automatic isolation control and automatic recovery in case of failure of one or more amplifiers (Compensated Mode).

The modular construction of the DGM4-L also allows a great degree of commonality with the DGM5 systems for steel vessels, such as the Magnetometer Head Assembly (MHA) mounted on the mast and the other modules housed in the control section.

MHA: mast mounted magnetic probe
Magnetometer Module: front panel

Concerning Amplifier modules feeding degaussing loops, the DGM4-L DU houses four 12 modules drawers, for a total number of up to 48 independent degaussing current generators.

DGM4-L control and monitoring is based on an easy-to-use full-comprehensive SW interface provided on Touch-Screen display at the DU, whose Computer module is normally entitled of the role of Master of the system, and at the BCU, that is able to automatically become Master, should the DU computer fail.

Amplifiers Drawer Monitoring
DGM4-L Maintenance Section: selection of Calibration Set

DGM4-L SW provides special Maintenance sections which are password protected and mainly devoted to the specialized personnel of Degaussing Ranges and depot maintenance.