Thanks to its experience in naval magnetism field coming from some 180 degaussing systems designed, manufactured and installed, IFEN is today capable of undertaking full responsibility for the supply of magnetic compensation systems meeting Customer's requirements and specific magnetic protection levels for combatant and auxiliary steel hulled vessels (DGM5 systems) and MCM / low signature vessels (DGM4 systems).

Directly developed from the successful experience of the DGM4, DGM5 systems are the tailored response to the various demands concerning the magnetic protection of steel naval vessels of various type and operative role.

Water cooled PAU with up to 8 10.5kW PAMs

Developed on modularity concept and capable of providing almost identical compensation performances as DGM4 system, each DGM5 system at least consists of a Degaussing Control Unit, one or more Power Amplifiers Units and the related Power Supply Units.

DGM5 units are interconnected on a redundant bus to provide full operation and monitoring capabilities with an increasing degree of redundancy which also depends on the availability of MHA degaussing control added to the standard NAVDATA control and presence of back-up Bridge Control Unit, allowed to automatically become Master of the System should the Computer module of the DCU fails.

Various options of Bridge Control Unit

Core of all the DGM5 systems is the Power Amplifier Module. Various types of DGM5 PAM are available, of different output current and power ratings in order to cover any demand in relation to the actual size of the vessel to be compensated and the number of degaussing coils necessary to guarantee requested level of protection.

DGM5 PAMs are true bipolar high accuracy output current high efficiency H bridge switching converters, digitally controlled through a microprocessor based front-end. Mechanically they are plug-in modules, fully interchangeable without the need of any adjustment. In case of fault, PAM can be substituted with a spare module while the degaussing system is operating.


12 PAMs PAU used onboard Nansen Class Frigates

PAMs are housed in Power Amplifiers Units which provide them the necessary communication interfaces, electrical power supply and cooling. Concerning cooling, models using both chilled water heat exchangers or forced air taken from installation compartment are available depending on customer request.

DGM5 control and monitoring is mainly based on an easy-to-use full-comprehensive SW interface provided on Touch-Screen display.

PAU Monitoring page at DCU
DGM5 Maintenance Section: PAM calibration

DGM5 SW also provides special Maintenance sections which are password protected and devoted to the specialized personnel of Degaussing Ranges and depot maintenance.